3 Easy Ways To Save Your Hair This Summer!

1. Use Hair Products with UV Protection: Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate or Octinoxate is used in products to absorb, reflect or scatter UV rays. This helps combat color fadage and other hair damage caused by UV. Our favorite: Goldwell DualSenses Color Extra Rich Serum Spray or ARROJO Whipped Treatment

2. Braid Don't Bun: Repeatedly tying up hair in a tight pony or bun ESPECIALLY when wet can lead to hair breakage. Try wearing braids or a low, loosely tied pony  to control your hair at the beach or pool.

3. Wet Your Hair Before Swimming:  Salt/chlorinated water can wreak havoc on your hair color and texture, leeching out natural moisture and causing dryness as well as color change. There's a limit to how much water your hair can absorb so if you saturate it before entering salt or chlorinated water you can minimize the effects. Leave some conditioner in it for even more protection!